Meet the Artist

Amanda creator and founder of knot.yos
Amanda here, the creator and maker behind Knot.Yos (hard O). I am proudly Cambodian American. My love affair with macrame started around 2017. I was newly engaged and was planning my wedding. I was so drawn to boho and rustic weddings that featured macrame decor. I am a do-it-my-damn self sort of gal, so I decided to learn how to macrame to create the wedding of my dreams. I made over 200 unique pieces as decor and guest favors. 
I continued to macrame off and on the next few years, creating gifts for family and friends. 
Fast forward to March 2020, when everything changed. Lockdown and quarantine reignited my passion and love for macrame. It is a tool that I use to creatively express myself and help work through my anxiety.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope some of my creations bring you a bit of joy.